Coton de Tulear

What Is The History Of The Coton de Tulear Dog Breed?

The Coton de Tulear is a breed of small dog originating in Madagascar. The breed is named after the city of Tulear and the cotton-like coat. The Coton de Tulear is a relatively new breed, having only been officially recognized since 1973. However, the breed’s history can be traced back much further.

The Coton de Tulear is believed to be descended from the Bichon-type dogs brought to Madagascar by sailors in the 16th century. These dogs were likely a cross between the Bichon Frisé and Maltese breeds. Over time, these dogs adapted to the climate and environment of Madagascar, developing their characteristic cottony coat.

In the early 1970s, a French couple, M. and Mme. Robert Jarry visited Madagascar and fell in love with the Coton de Tulear. They brought two of these dogs back to France with them and began working to establish the breed. In 1973, the Coton de Tulear was officially recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

Since then, the Coton de Tulear has become a popular breed worldwide. These dogs are known for being intelligent, affectionate, and playful dogs that make great companions. Thanks to their cheerful dispositions and hypoallergenic coats, Cotons have grown in popularity in recent years.

What Does A Coton de Tulear Dog Look like?

The Coton de Tulear is a small, compact dog with a soft, dense coat. The coat comes in colors such as White, Black, Lemon & White, Gray & White, Black & White, Tri-color and may have buff markings on the head. The hair is short on the face and legs and longer on the body and tail. The Coton’s coat does not shed and needs only occasional brushing to stay clean and healthy.

How Big Is An Adult Coton de Tulear Dog?

The Coton de Tulear is a small dog breed, with adult dogs typically weighing between 9 and 15 pounds. Females are on the smaller end of this range, while males tend to be closer to the 15-pound mark.  They are generally at a height of   9 – 11 inches. The Coton de Tulear’s small size makes it a popular choice for city living, as it doesn’t require a lot of space.

Are There Other Dog Breeds Related To The Coton de Tulear Dog?

Other breeds related to the Coton de Tulear Dog include the Bichon Frise, the Maltese, and the Havanese. These breeds share many characteristics with the Coton de Tulear Dog, including small size, a hypoallergenic coat, and a cheerful disposition.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Coton de Tulear Dog?

The Coton de Tulear Dog is a relatively long-lived breed, with a life expectancy of 15-19 years. This is longer than the average life expectancy for many other breeds of dogs. Coton de Tulear Dogs are known for their excellent health and lack of genetic diseases. They are also relatively resistant to the effects of aging. However, like all dogs, they are susceptible to health problems like hip dysplasia, allergies, and eye problems.

Can A Coton de Tulear Dog Be Trained?

A Coton de Tulear Dog can be trained to do various things, including obedience, tricks, and even agility. These are intelligent dogs that love to please their owners, making them great candidates for training. With patience and consistency, your Coton de Tulear Dog can learn about anything you want them to!

What Are Some Interesting Facts About A Coton de Tulear Dog?

1. The Coton de Tulear’s name comes from the French word “Coton,” meaning cotton, and “Tulear,” referring to the city of Toliara on the island of Madagascar.
2. The Coton de Tulear is sometimes called the “Royal Dog of Madagascar” due to its close association with the country’s royals.
3. The breed is thought to be descended from the Bichon-type dogs that were brought to Madagascar by sailors in the 16th century.
4. The Coton de Tulear is a relatively rare breed and is not currently recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).
5. The average lifespan of a Coton de Tulear is 12-14 years.
6. These dogs are known for being low-shedding and therefore considered hypoallergenic.
7. Cotons are relatively easy to train and make great family pets.

How Does A Coton de Tulear Dog Interact With People?

The Coton de Tulear is a friendly, loving dog that enjoys being around people. They are known for their ability to get along well with other dogs and children, making them an excellent choice for families. They also are less demanding when it comes to exercise, so they make good companions for those who don’t want a high-energy dog. Overall, the Coton de Tulear is a delightful breed that brings joy to all those around them.

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